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Mutech is Exhibiting at HazardEx

Come and see us at Stand 10

Colin Cameron

Contract electronics manufacture and Design expertise for critical devices and hazardous areas.

  • Date: 6th – 7th October 2021
  • Place: Majestic Hotel, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Opening times:
    • Wednesday, 08:00 – 17:30
    • Thursday, 08:30 – 15:30

You will find us at stand 10

Colin Cameron, our MD and expert in functional and intrinsic safety electronics, will be there to offer advice about standards and overcoming challenges the safe way. We look forward to meeting you!

The new IEC 60079-11 standard is on its way! Colin and the IECEx Maintance team committee have been working on it for the past 7 years. It has been re-organised and the major changes are to be explained in Colin’s prestation on the morning of the 6th Oct. The committees aim being, to make it more understandable and less ambiguous.

IEC Young Professionals’ Program

Mutech design engineer Tim Cameron is chosen by BSI for the IEC Young Professionals’ Program 2019

What is the IEC Young Professionals Program?

“The IEC is an international organisation responsible for industrial and technical standards. They run the Young Professionals Program (YPP) each year, to encourage younger talent to get involved in writing the standards of tomorrow. There are about 150 young professionals on this program from across the world, 3 of whom are from the UK. We will be witnessing first-hand the next IEC meetings in China.”

How did you find out about it and why did you apply for the program?

“Our company director, Colin, has been introduced to some of the young professionals through the IEC committees he is involved with and so has been aware of the program for some time.”
“As a company we want to broaden our understanding of general standards writing and conformity assessment, as we currently have a knowledge of specific standards, relating to explosive atmospheres.”

Tim Cameron Profile

What do you expect to achieve?

“Well, that’s the tricky part, because I don’t have specific goals for this. I’m primarily seeing it as an information gathering opportunity, to gain exposure to the standards industry and to further Mutech’s visibility to that world, I will definitely purchase myself an orange tie! But mostly my plan is to go out there, to see what’s going on, to see the program the IEC puts on and the opportunities that come out of it. I’m keen to understand what’s worth getting involved in, because there might be standards that align well with our practices or new areas of industry that are advantageous to us.”

You were at BSI for a preparation day recently, how was it?

“The visit the other week to Richmond was a chance for me and the two other candidates, Samantha and Rob, to get to know each other. It was an opportunity to be introduced to the British Standards Institute (BSI) and to find out about what they do and are involved with. It was also a chance for them to explain to us more about the YPP and what we should expect from the other meetings we will have, including the visit to Shanghai. The overall impression I got was that we are going to be very busy in China!”

What’s next?

“Before we head out to Shanghai, we have some interviews booked with BSI about the YPP to help raise the profile of the program. We will then head out to Shanghai for the main event, I will be out there for 6 days. Whilst there, we’ll get a choice of which lectures and activities we would like to be involved in, from lectures on artificial intelligence to power station visits, as well as the opportunity to observe committee meetings and take part in workshops and possibly have input into some standards writing.”

“I’m hoping to have time for fun too. Ganbei!”

Building The Team

Mutech’s annual summer event.

The team at Treetop Adventures

Mutech’s annual summer event allows the staff to have fun, let their hair down and engage in outdoor pursuits. Mutech has a history of visiting outdoor activity centres in and around the Manchester area, this year the company opted for the Trafford Treetop Adventure Centre, based at the Trafford Centre, Manchester.

The Treetop Adventure Centre is an aerial obstacle course, where participants a tackle climbing, rope bridge walks, balance beams and zip-wire descents.

On arrival at the centre, Mutech employees were required to complete a consent form to take part in the activities. Then given safety instructions by the Treetop Adventure staff. On course etiquette explained and fitted out with a harness to attached themselves to the safety line that spanned the whole course Mutech employees, now chomping at the bit to get going, were eventually allowed to head out on to the course.

Monster dessert

Those employees with a competitive streak chose the sprint option around the course, whereas others took a more leisurely approach.  It was a team effort to get everyone round the course, the more sure-footed ones helping and encouraging those less confident. Those that were not so confident taking part initially having fears about being so high up off the ground, were able to overcome their fears and complete the course and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the aerial pursuits.

Once all had completed the aerial pursuit course, those that wanted to prove themselves were able to take part in a timed race around the first section of the course. Congratulations goes to Jonathan who smashed the course record in a time of 1 minute 25 seconds. Many thanks to the Treetop Adventure staff, who were very friendly, helpful and encouraging during Mutech’s visit.

After all the physical activity, Mutech then headed off to Frankie & Bennys restaurant located near the Trafford Centre, where a hearty, well deserved meal was enjoyed by all.

Where one person chose a desert to rival all deserts…

Hanwah SM482 Plus Placer

Major Investment In Manufacturing Facilities At Mutech.

Significant investment in one of the most advanced SMT systems available demonstrates Mutech’s commitment to quality, flexibility and rapid response.

Following extensive research, Mutech took delivery last month of a Hanwah SM482 Plus multifunctional placer, further extending their manufacturing capacity and enhancing the company’s production capabilities. The latest-generation version of Hanwah’s full vision pick and place machines, the SM482 Plus offers the highest speed and accuracy of component placers within its class.

Mutech’s choice was based on several key elements of the machine’s specification, particularly those relating to speed, accuracy and extended sizing options. Patented on-the-fly image recognition technology allows component recognition without stopping, moving after component pickup. Placement speed is maximised by minimising the moving time between the pickup and placement positions, and recognition time is reduced to zero. A powerful vision algorithm increases recognition accuracy using component image noise removal and an auto-teaching function, and the flying camera helps recognise and calibrate components including Chip, TR, BA and QFP, while moving them to the placement position after pickup. A panorama view function, combining split component images, gives accurate images for component whose size exceeds the FOV of a camera. This provides a better image, particularly relevant when picking and placing irregular SMD components. The SM482 Plus has a headline placement capacity of 30,000 components per hour, has a large PCB size (460 x 400mm as standard), and includes a component monitoring feature that avoids over-dumping of a large quantity of components in advance.

Mutech’s investment in this system brings a range of customer benefits, in addition to increased manufacturing capacity. The speed of the SM482 Plus will help to further reduce lead times, meaning an even faster turnaround and enhancing Mutech’s already-excellent reputation for prototype production and assembly. The flexibility inherent in the system, capable of handling smaller components and larger boards than previously, means that Mutech can now offer their customers more options from the design and consultancy stages through to production, helping customers from start-ups with new products and processes through to the OEMs with whom Mutech have worked for over 25 years. In line with Mutech’s philosophy of ‘right first time’ delivery, the accuracy of the new system reflects Mutech’s overriding commitment to quality. After considering a range of electronics manufacturing equipment specialists, Mutech contracted Bradford-based Elite Seven Installations for the supply and installation of their SM482 Plus and, in doing so, are very happy to be furthering investment in the regional economy, benefitting more companies in the electronics and manufacturing sectors in the North of England.

Commenting on this recent investment, Colin Cameron, Mutech’s managing director, said, “We investigated a range of options when considering new equipment and this purchase demonstrates our clear commitment to growth in the manufacturing part of Mutech’s business. We are confident that our customers will reap the benefit of our investment and we look forward to helping them develop further, through the greater flexibility we can now offer. The delivery and installation of the new equipment was a major logistical project, in itself, and our manufacturing experts are delighted to be able to offer an extended service to our customers.”

Equipment Investment Go Ahead

The search for new placement equipment is on! The team will now start work on getting the right solution in place for early 2018.

The list of requirements is not long, however it is demanding.

“Increased accuracy, reliability, flexibility and speed are essentials” says company secretary, Julia Cameron. “Mutech is committed to having the best equipment in order to maintain the enviable reputation for the high-quality performance that our customers expect. The new machine will be the focus of the efforts to increase production at our Irlam facility. The current, now ageing, machines are the present bottle neck at times which we hope will be only one of the improvements made by acquiring the latest equipment on the market. Once in place we will see an end to the present bottle necks which are sure to move on to the next area ripe for investment. My gut feeling is that it will be personnel that becomes our next investment.”

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