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A strong sense of professionalism and expertise.

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"Mutech's working partnership with S.M.P. Security Ltd has been instrumental in breaking into new markets. Mutech has a great understanding of our customers' requirements, which has broken the stronghold of outdated and unreliable electronic locking systems. The fact that 10 - 12k Mutech Digilocks are in use without any problems is an accolade to Mutech's craftsmanship and ability."


S.M.P. Security Ltd

Mutech can offer you a confident level of expertise, because of its successful partnerships with loyal customers that is a marvellous testament to our experience in electronics design. Instilled in the company's philosophy is a quality improvement and time-to-market process achieved by thoroughly understanding your desire to have a successful and profitable product range.

Some of the areas of electronic product design that we have been involved with are: intrinsically safe design, design for hazardous areas, ATEX, EN60079-11, EN61508, RF design, GSM, CDMA, communications, electronic security circuit design, power supply circuit design, SMPS, consumer electronics, industrial control, PCB layout, standards and approvals testing, microprocessors, embedded systems, real time development, RTOS, assembler, C, C++, C#, *.NET, Visual Basic, Delphi, Foxpro, Assembler and much much more...

A key element of what we do is conceptual design and the ability to formulate products that work in an increasingly demanding and high tech marketplace.

Specification Driven Development

Our design procedures are driven by a formal approach to specifications, informed by an analysis of end-user scenarios and consideration of all aspects of the product's life-cycle, including environmental and approvals requirements; manufacture; test; packaging; shipment; installation and maintenance.

Thorough specification provides the design engineers with clearly defined parameters within which they can exercise their creativity and clear goals with agreed design acceptance criteria, thus minimising changes to the design, resulting in a faster time to market.

Software development

Capitalising on our wide-ranging experience in embedded micro-processor platforms and PC applications, past projects have included data logging, GUI design, precision industrial control, security applications and database development.

Electronic hardware

Mutech has a keen understanding of the manufacturing and commercial aspects of electronic design and product development, gained from the experience of manufacturing electronic products in our own production facility.

PCB design

Mutech's audit-based approach to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design yields an impressive firstshot success rate with even the most complex of circuits. Our hands-on understanding of the manufacturing processes used to assemble PCBs, allows us to deliver to the most exacting demands of product design.

PCB design is not simply an exercise in joining the dots, and our designers bring a creative approach to the process, backed up by a thorough design auditing procedure developed with in-house CAD utilities.

We can design for prototyping or for high volume production, including design for test: interfacing to ATE; EMC; intrinsic safety; multilayer, single-sided and flexible circuits.

Mechanical design

As part of the electronic product design cycle, Mutech offers an exceptional mechanicallyaware design service, from industrial housings to consumer product cases through one of its carefully selected strategic partnerships. Using the latest 3D modelling software, and with years of experience dealing with tool manufacturers, we can provide solutions for one-off prototypes as well as for small and large volume production.