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MD, intrinsically safe products



FUNCTIONAL SAFETY product design specialists

FUNCTIONAL SAFETY is the future for safety electronics whatever your industry application.

More and more industries are now adopting Functional Safety standards such as IEC 61508 either for legislative or due-diligence reasons. As recognition widens, there is a growing demand for electronic products (“elements”) which are certified for use in 61508 systems.

Mutech can design both hardware (to 61508-2) and embedded software (to 61508-3) to SIL 1, 2 or 3, We are active members of the 61508 Association and participate in the working group for software assessment.

The design requirements within 61508 are very much in line with Mutech’s general design processes.  Mutech has worked with Riskknowlogy and ESC for certification assessments and have many contacts with certified bodies such as SGS Beseefa, Intertek, CSA Group, Silmetric, TUV and QPS.