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Investment planned

Management give the go ahead for placement equipment investment

The search for new SMD placement equipment is on!

The team will now start work on getting the right solution in place for early 2018
The list of requirements is not long. However, it is demanding.
“Increased accuracy, reliability, flexibility and speed are essentials” says company secretary, Julia Cameron. “Mutech is committed to having the best equipment in order to maintain the enviable reputation for the high-quality performance that our customers expect. The new machine will be the focus of the efforts to increase production at our Irlam facility. The current now ageing machines are the manufacturing bottle neck at times. We hope the improved throughput will be only one of the improvements made by acquiring the latest equipment on the market. Once in place we will see an increased throughput and can start to look at the next area ripe for investment. My gut feeling is that it will be personnel next.”
The new machine will slot into the existing SMD line, replacing one of the older machine.