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Tree tempting entries

Queen of Cakes


In November three of our most talented bakers went head to head in The Mutech Grand Cake-Off Final. 

Mutech staff had the deliciously hard task of judging the three taste tempting entries: Coconut Cream Layer cake; Chilli Chocolate cupcakes; Cranberry, Walnut and Orange loaf. After much deliberation (and second helpings!) our tastebuds did the talking and the anonymous vote resulted in Jo being crowned winner of the Mutech Grand Cake-Off Final. 

Congratulations to Jo for retaining her crown for the second year running. Jo’s prize winning bake was the delightfully delicate coconut cream layer cake

Well done also to Tim for his knockout Chilli Chocolate cupcakes and to Henry for his wholesome Cranberry, Walnut and Orange Loaf. 

Will reigning Queen of Cakes, Jo, bake supreme for another year in Mutech’s Grand Cake-Off 2013?