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Meeting Delegates

Cameron Heads British Delegation to IECEx

Managing Director Colin Cameron attended the 2013 week long series of meetings of the IECEx in Fortaleza, Brazil during September as the head of the delegation of 7 from the UK. These meetings report on the previous year discuss the future of the IECEx. The IECEx continues to lead the world in certification for equipment and people in potentially explosive atmospheres, and is now endorsed by the UN as an exemplary scheme. Whilst most countries continue to require their own certification (e.g. ATEX in Europe), the influence of the IEC for standards, and IECEx for certification continues to have a significant impact, and an IECEx certificate increasingly paves the way for obtaining local certification.

Colin’s participation in these IECEx meetings, as well as his participation in the IEC meetings for developing the Intrinsically Safe standards, is in line with Mutech’s goal of being at the forefront of the design and certification of safety critical equipment.