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Further Equipment Investment

Mutech Ltd Is Pleased To Announce The Purchase And First Use Of Their SpeedPrint SP710avi Advanced Vision Intelligence Screen Printing System

SpeedPrint SP710avi
SpeedPrint SP710aviAn extensive search by the Production team lead to the SpeedPrint SP710avi being deemed at the head of the list for Mutech’s requirements.

Mutech Ltd, compliant with IECEx standards and being an industry pioneer in Functional Safety electronics design, are confident the introduction of the SP710avi into their production process will lead to increased efficiency and accuracy in their PCB assembly production cycle.

Following the setup, commissioning and initial training provided by Speedprint Technology of Poole, Dorset, the SP710avi has been found to be a very flexible addition to the production setup.

The SpeedPrint SP710avi is capable of working with PCB panels up to a maximum panel size of 640x515mm and a part size as small as 00102. The advanced 2D and 2D+ lighting inspection systems can be changed to the required inspection criteria for each individual PCB run. The inspection system can be taught rectangular and round solder pads, searching for solder paste bridging between pads, misalignments and insufficient paste to pads.

Having the option of fitting a USB Bar Code reader, the SP710avi can provide full traceability of PCB production runs, on-board statistical analysis gives the operator selectable feedback to optimize the running of the SP710avi within the production line.

Our new SpeedPrint SP710avi is a very welcome addition to the Mutech production department.

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