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The hydrogen energy industry has a vital role to play in helping to shift the UK and global economies to a net-zero model. Hydrogen can be inserted directly into the gas network for heat and can be used as a storage method when renewable energy sources are generating more electricity than the grid requires. Mutech, with its knowledge of intrinsic safety design, is ideally placed to help move the industry forward with the design of IS electronic elements.


The Aerospace sector is one of the largest and most powerful industries in the world, including everything from domestic aviation, to commercial delivery and distribution, to space travel. This sector is extensive, including not only the suppliers and operators, but the research and development that surrounds.

Medical & Life-sciences

The Medical and Life-sciences sector is one of the fastest growing industries and is becoming evermore prevalent in today’s world. This sector refers to the application of technology to health improvement, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and technology, diagnostics, and digital health.


The Marine sector is an invaluable industry, providing the bulk of all goods exportation around the globe, whilst also making for a hostile environment to operate within. This industry operates in four main areas: commercial, naval, leisure and energy generation and is critical to the trade and economy of many countries.

Tunnelling & Mining

Tunnelling is a growing sector. Transportation is moving further distances underground and the future of our green spaces depend on this. Working in these two areas has many hazards so the sectors are highly regulated.
Mining is necessary for any material that cannot be fished or farmed. The sector covers the extraction of metals, fuels, and base elements used in batteries, machines - all the modern technology we have become accustomed to.
Mutech’s expertise in Functional safety and Intrinsic safety started in these industries with safety monitoring of gases in coal mines.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector is the largest industry in the world, by dollar value. Petroleum accounts for a large percentage of the worlds energy consumption and the processes of exploration, extraction, refining and transporting are essential to the industry. Oil and Gas are volatile substances requiring complex measures of explosion protection to safeguard people and businesses. Mutech are experts in Intrinsic Safety Electronics methods of explosion protection.


In an ever-changing world, the Security industry is more necessary than ever. This sector includes more traditional lock and key systems, through to vaults, safes and CCTV, where there is an ever-increasing demand on the safety and resilience of hardware and electronic systems.


Mutech is also involved in many other sectors and industries across the whole spectrum of electronics product design and manufacture from specification, circuit design, software development, and testing, through to prototype and low volume production.


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