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Intrinsic Safety

IS experts

Experts in intrinsic safety and designs for hazardous areas. We have an in depth knowledge of the ATEX and IEC/EN 60079-11 requirements.

Mutech are equipment designers. As internationally recognised experts in intrinsic safety with more than 25 years experience, Mutech are able to take on the most demanding and complex designs.

The complexity and variation of designs that could be deemed intrinsically safe are too extensive to be fully covered by a single standard: nonetheless a single standard is what we have to work to. The result is that there is considerable variation of interpretation of how to assess equipment. Mutech are well aware of these issues, and a key approach with any design is to identify early on those areas where there could be issues with interpretation, and verify that the selected certification body agrees (or otherwise) with our interpretation.

Since intrinsically safe equipment normally requires third party assessment and certification, Mutech have developed processes for collating all of the documentation required. This falls into two categories:

..........• The drawing schedule which contains all the drawings required for certification,

..........• Support documentation which helps the assessor understand the strategy for applying intrinsic safety, and includes all of the calculations demonstrating component rating, thermal assessment and energy storage.

Mutech can provide assistance with equipment design at all levels between complete design of the electronics and software for a product, through to pre-certification assessment (for overall time and cost reduction) and assistance with producing the drawing schedule and liaison with certification bodies. Certification bodies have an obligation not to provide consultancy services for designs that they are assessing, and that is where Mutech can step in.


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