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Key to our success is gaining a clear understanding of our customers’ needs and ensuring that we deliver to them using a “right first time” philosophy


Our in-house electronics manufacturing facility ensures our designers have a keen understanding of the practical and commercial aspects of design.

Design Services

Design Services

Consumer electronics
Industrial control and sensing
Design for manufacture
Power Supply / SMPS
Safety critical designs
Communications protocols
Multi-layer PCB Layout
Embedded firmware across many platforms
PC Application support


Mutech provide a range of electronics manufacturing services from our modern and versatile facility. Quality is embedded in our culture and systems. Our people have a vast array of manufacturing experience and are always focused on the customer’s needs.

Manufacturing services include:

Manufacturing services include:

Fast turnaround production
Small prototype runs to medium volume production
Automated SMT assembly including 01005 fine pitch, BGA and flat pack
Conventional through-hole assembly IPC A 610 rev E
Vapour phase reflow
Automated optical inspection (AOI)
Conformal coating
ATE and functional test
Purchasing, tooling, CAM preparation, packaging

Intrinsic Safety

Experts in intrinsic safety and designs for hazardous areas. We have an in depth knowledge of the ATEX and IEC/EN 60079-11 requirements

Intrinsic Safety Product Design

Intrinsic Safety Product Design

Genuine safety is always core to our philosophy and our depth of experience enables us to design and assess applications that even the safety standards themselves may not have considered.

Mutech MD and BSI Expert Mr C Cameron has an in-depth knowledge of the ATEX and IEC/EN 60079-11 requirements and is a members of the committees that write those standards. Mutech are renowned for their expertise in Intrinsic Safety and have provided design and consultancy services to a range of industries across the globe. Projects vary from one day consultancy all the way to complete product design of hardware, firmware and software, including liaising with your chosen cerification body, building information packs, prototypes and final prodution units for certification.

Functional Safety

More and more industries are now adopting Functional Safety standards, such as IEC 61508, either for legislative or due-diligence reasons. As recognition widens, there is a growing demand for electronic products (“elements”) which are certified for use in 61508 systems.

Functional Safety Product Design

Functional Safety Product Design

Mutech can design both hardware (to 61508-2) and embedded software (to 61508-3) to SIL 1, 2 or 3. We are active members of the 61508 Association and participate in the working group for software assessment.

The design requirements within 61508 are very much in line with Mutech’s general design processes. Mutech has worked with Riskknowlogy, Method Functional Safety Ltd and ESC for certification assessments and have many contacts with certified bodies such as SGS Beseefa, Intertek, CSA Group, Silmetric, TUV and QPS.

Our dynamic system gives us the flexibility to incorporate your free-issue components with our own stock, which is especially useful for those urgent prototype assembly jobs.

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